The Ten Commandments | Respecting Ownership
The Eighth Commandment

Thou shalt not steal.
Exodus 20: 15

The eighth commandment about stealing is not only about never taking something that does not belong to you, but also about honesty and integrity in all aspects of life.

The Ten Commandments are suffering an identity crisis are they merely antiquated relic of an ancient culture, or do they still have meaning, purpose, and application for people living today? Pastor Doug Batchelor explores the amazing riches that can be mined from each and every commandment, revealing that God's law is still a treasure trove of wisdom that offers incredible, proven solutions to the real-world problems of everyday life.


The Spirit of Prophecy

Both public and private sins are included in this prohibition. The eighth commandment condemns manstealing and slave dealing, and forbids wars of conquest. It condemns theft and robbery. It demands strict integrity in the minutest details of the affairs of life. It forbids overreaching in trade, and requires the payment of just debts or wages. It declares that every attempt to advantage oneself by the ignorance, weakness, or misfortune of another is registered as fraud in the books of heaven. ~ Patriarchs and Prophets, Page 309

Those who thus shorten their lives and unfit themselves for service by disregarding nature's laws, are guilty of robbery toward God. And they are robbing their fellow men also. The opportunity of blessing others, the very work for which God sent them into the world, has by their own course of action been cut short... The Lord holds us guilty when by our injurious habits we thus deprive the world of good. ~ Christís Object Lessons, Page 346-347
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